CCIE Practice – Google Review

I have been Seeing Sylvester since October with a rotator cuff injury and lower back pain. The location is stunning and he is the most genuine and caring person, who wants the best recovery possible for you.
He is creative in his thinking and completely holistic in how he looks at the issues.
If I had not gone, the injuries would not have healed naturally. My shoulder is improving and I’m loving using the resistance bands. My lower back and tight glutes are also improving with the use of SWT and stretches/ exercises etc. I am even able to do Couch – 5K which is fantastic!!
The last time I saw him I had twisted my ankle which was very bruised, swollen and painful. He taped this for me and within days the bruising has come out and I’m able to take the dog out for long walks again – thanks Sylvester!