Fynn Physio is a new private physiotherapy clinic in the Fynn Valley countryside ready to offer you quality holistic therapeutic care.

Sylvester and Rebecca Dengzee live in Witnesham and each have 10 years’ experience as physiotherapists. Rebecca works in NHS provision of musculoskeletal clinics and GP surgeries. Sylvester also has both NHS and private practice experience. He has several years’ experience in treating sports injuries having worked as first team physio for Woodbridge Rugby Club for five seasons and is also qualified in acupuncture which he has been practising for several years.

Fynn Physio Clinic is an adult musculoskeletal (MSK) clinic specialising in joint, bone, muscle and nerve pain and injury for anyone age 16+. The clinic can also provide much needed rehab before and after a joint replacement or orthopaedic surgery.

“Physiotherapy is about working in partnership with you, using physical modes of treatment including therapeutic exercise and “load management” by helping you modify and adapt your activities to recover, alongside manual therapies”, explains Sylvester. “We also offer shockwave treatment, acupuncture and taping. We are delighted to be able to offer you all these modalities and will always offer appropriate options for every individual following a thorough assessment”.

Lockdown has been such a drastic change to our lifestyles with no-one unaffected. As a result, there are people struggling more with prolonged niggles or wins that have had treatments delayed, or perhaps a new injury from new active hobbies or DIY. Or maybe you just want advice on how to start getting active.

We will be registering with common private medical insurers so watch this space.

We are of course, subject to COVID-19 regulations and guidelines from our governing bodies to keep everyone safe.